Please Note, we are not a payment processing company. We do not process any payment. This site is rather a marketplace where we assist business owners manage their sales
Because of this all users in our online store must state under each of the Payment buttons that " is an authorised retailer of product in". Where is the user domain
All our airtime/biller resellers and partners will also have to submit KYC documents so as to use our free online merchant marketplace

What you can do with online sales?

Our online sales is for businesses that already have a website but do not have any means of collecting fund.

You can use online sales to sale your products and services online

  1. You can sale tangible or physical products
  2. You can sale non tangible products such as digital downloads
  3. You can sale services like training, repairs, etc

What you cannot sale in our site?

The following products cannot be sold under

  1. Military arsenals

How to start selling?


To get started you must follow these steps

  1. Register online using our registration form
  2. Submit scan copies of all your required KYC documents (International passport/ drivers licence, Prove of address like utility bill and company registration information from the government of your country)
  3. Once this is submitted, we will run a manual review of these documents (Ensure you follow our design policy in your web application)
  4. Once you have followed all our design policy your account will be activated