1. What type of services does JustPay4me.com provide?
  2. How can I become a partner or reseller?
  3. What is a super site?

What type of services does JustPay4me.com provide?

JustPay4Me.com is a payment system that makes it easy for you to send and receive payment for products and services around the world. It currently supports the following:
  1. Global Airtime topup on your phone. (Allows you to topup phone airtime on your friends phone in any country in the world)
  2. Listing of your webpage online for easy payment collection. NB: We are not a payment processing company
  3. Virtual Card management
  4. Pay bills in Nigeria and Ghana
You can also monitise our website by becoming our partners or resellers. We have several tools to help you get started very fast as our partners or resellers
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How do I become a partner or reseller?

To become a partner or reseller all you need to do is fill our online registration form, decide on the best selling tools you would love to use (supersite, HTTP API), Configure the tool to display your store, Load your wallet, and then start making money
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What is a supersite?

Supersite is an fully developed website that you can use to start selling products online. It was created to assist resellers and partners that do not have website or knowledge on how to develop one to kick start their business instantly. It is a fully designed web site. All partners and resellers have an automated signup for our marketplace listing if the signup for this products. The money they make are delivered instantly the next day in their bank account
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